Kanga Loaders Company History

> Kanga Loaders Company History

In 1980, the first prototype compact loader, based on that of a motorized wheelbarrow was manufactured. This design became the world's first stand-on compact skid steer loader and was released to market in 1981.

Extensive product design improvements in 1989 saw the compact loader win a prestigious 'Australian Design Award' recognized for it innovative design & practicality for the workplace, the Kanga was born!

In 1998, the Kanga compact loader, in patriotic green and gold,was exported to the United States. The Kanga range has developed in response to industry needs and has resulted in changing the future for Kanga and the entire compact loader market.

To provide exceptional flexibility and maneuverability for smaller modern urban spaces the 2 Series or Kanga Kid was released in 2000.

For increased performance the 8 Series, the largest and most powerful mini skid steer loader in its class, was released in May 2005 along with an new and improved range that included the 5, 6 and 7 Series.

Also during 2005, after much growth and corporate remodeling, Kanga Loaders set up showrooms in Victoria, Sydney, Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom and established Service Departments that offer loader owners a new level of expertise for maintenance and support.

In response to Occupational Health and Safety regulations and to take the compact loader to the next level, the self-leveling rear mount Backhoe was released in 2006.

This was closely followed by the Radio Controlled D800R loader in 2007 which received a 'highly commended' award for Innovative Product of the Year 2007.

The Kanga brand has grown to be recognized around the world as a proven symbol of quality, reliability and performance. Kanga Loaders aim to be market leaders of the compact skid steer loader class of earthmoving equipment long into the future.

Major Awards that have been received by Kanga Loaders:

  • 1989 Winner Australian Design Award
  • 2004 Winner Premier of Queensland's Export Awards
  • 2004 Finalist Australian Export Award - Small to Medium Manufacturer
  • 2007 Highly Commended, Innovative Product of the Year; Manufacturing - Endeavour Award, Manufacturers Monthly